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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It's No Good to Suffer in Silence, to Treat Loneliness With Isolation

One of my dear Facebook friends posted a repost that she and I share a common interest in, loneliness and Isolation.  We all get these posts from time to time, they end by asking,  "at least one friend copy and repost (not share).  I wrote that I'd do better and repost on my blog, but read that it's good a good idea and would be better if I wrote my own story.

How we know one another is from local Senior Activity Center where we both met, and partake in programs that help bring people together.

Here we play bingo, parties like give-n-take where participants each bring three gifts worth $3.00 and we get five numbers and when a number is called we go to the table of gifts and take a bag, here's the thing there are more attendees then bags and anyone left with numbers gets to take from someone who has more than two bags.  It's a fun social event where lunch and dessert are served.

Other programs available are lunches for $1.25 suggestion, open to Seniors from town and surrounding towns and their friends.  It's here where I volunteer to teach basic computer skills, how to access wifi, the difference between data and wifi as the center offers wifi for free.

Rosemary and I understand these issues, we are both non-judgmental, supportive of one another, supportive of me as all who know me here know I struggle with Bipolar.  and aging with HIV“Bipolar disorder affects approximately 5.7 million adult Americans, or about 2.6% of the U.S. population age 18 and older every year.” (National Institute of Mental Health)."

Both of us have invited one another for coffee, made ourselves available to each other if we need to talk, we know the value of talking one on one, not with a text or email, those work and I have many friends around the World so meeting one on one isn't an option, but we do use Face time, Skype or Messenger or one of the many platforms that technology offers.

Just this past Sunday another friend asked me for help with her phone, I showed her how to take selfies and send to her family via a text where we asked if they have Skype as she wants to download and start video chatting.  

Many of our friends struggle with Isolation, Isolation doesn't discriminate it affects all walks of life and all ages.

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Source: AgingCare.Com 


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