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Friday, June 12, 2015


Happy Pride from Stephen Puibekllo, the Bipolar Bear.  I have been traveling, recently returned from the 
2015 AIDS Life Cycle event where we once again raised a record breaking $16.6 million dollars.   It was at AIDS Life Cycle I went to prove the statistic that 20% of HIV/AIDS patients live with Bipolar and a major mental illness.  I went there in 2006 as the shear number of attendee's 3615, 3000 cyclist and 615 roadies.  Each year I return more and more riders and roadies approach me and also disclose that they were dual diagnosed Bipolar and HIV.

I'm soon off for another event, as Summer is officially here, I will be posting one post per month, minimum.  For other source of queer mental health articles check out

Now for some recent items in the NEWS:

LGBT Recovery study aims to improve health care engagement among incarcerated

Clean Needles Article

Study to look at quality of life for older, rural HIV-positive adults

HIV rate among gay men rising

New Safer Sex Guide Provides Crucial Advice On Prevention, Treatment, Wellness

Long Beach LGBT activist Carolyn Weathers recognized as ‘unsung hero’ who keeps on fighting

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