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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Loneliness is Sometimes Even Harder to Deal with Than Their Psychiatric Symptoms

Today's post is an open letter asking for support for the Rainbow Heights Club Summer Fundraising Campaign

Dear friends and colleagues,

As we await what could be history making news from the US Supreme about marriage equality AND we celebrate LGBT Pride week, can you take a moment to consider a donation to help underwrite our support group program?

If you make a donation to our Summer Fundraising Campaign in support of our programs that serve low/no income LGBT New Yorkers who are living with serious mental illness, an anonymous donor WILL MATCH ALL DONATIONS DOLAR FOR DOLLAR up to $2,500.   This link will take you to our secure crowdfunding webpage, where you can learn more about our support group program and view a short video about Rainbow Heights Club.

For our clients, who are overwhelmingly poor and alone, the loneliness they face is sometimes even harder to deal with than their psychiatric symptoms.

That’s why at Rainbow Heights Club we provide over 25 support and activity groups per week, and our Peer Specialists conduct dozens of short 1-on-1 interventions with our clients every day. When you’re in recovery, you take things one day at a time, and for our clients, having a sympathetic ear to listen, or being able to talk about an experience that others in the group have shared, can make the day easier to get through.

Our clients report significant decreases in isolation and the depression that comes with it when they attend Rainbow Heights Club. This leads to over 90% of our clients remaining free of inpatient psychiatric hospitalization each year, as well as many other positive recovery outcomes – more hope, more social support, and more self esteem.

Can you please take a moment to go to our secure donation processing site and renew your donation to Rainbow Heights Club in any amount you can?  All funds raised through our Summer Campaign will be allocated to our support groups.  You will be helping us to ensure that we will be there for our clients when they need us most.

Click here to view a short video about Rainbow Heights Club Support Groups and make a donation today!

For more information on our programs, please visit our website     

Remember, all donations during this campaign will be matched dollar for dollar, thus doubling the value of your donation!

Thank you in advance for your support!


Christian Huygen, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Rainbow Heights Club and
Heights-Hill Mental Health Service South Beach
     Psychiatric Center Community Advisory Board, Inc.
25 Flatbush Avenue, Third Floor
Brooklyn, New York  11217
718-852-5214 (fax)

Friday, June 12, 2015


Happy Pride from Stephen Puibekllo, the Bipolar Bear.  I have been traveling, recently returned from the 
2015 AIDS Life Cycle event where we once again raised a record breaking $16.6 million dollars.   It was at AIDS Life Cycle I went to prove the statistic that 20% of HIV/AIDS patients live with Bipolar and a major mental illness.  I went there in 2006 as the shear number of attendee's 3615, 3000 cyclist and 615 roadies.  Each year I return more and more riders and roadies approach me and also disclose that they were dual diagnosed Bipolar and HIV.

I'm soon off for another event, as Summer is officially here, I will be posting one post per month, minimum.  For other source of queer mental health articles check out

Now for some recent items in the NEWS:

LGBT Recovery study aims to improve health care engagement among incarcerated

Clean Needles Article

Study to look at quality of life for older, rural HIV-positive adults

HIV rate among gay men rising

New Safer Sex Guide Provides Crucial Advice On Prevention, Treatment, Wellness

Long Beach LGBT activist Carolyn Weathers recognized as ‘unsung hero’ who keeps on fighting

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