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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Don't Get me Wrong, the CDC does plenty, but when it comes to Prevention it comes up Short

Don't get me wrong, the CDC does plenty, but when it comes to Prevention within the mental health population of the gay community, it failed and the proof is the contraction of the HIV virus.

Not sure why mental health screenings are not part of the CDC message when it talks about HIV and substance abuse, no they would rather pump out statistics about HIV and substance abuse, then address them with a media campaign and posters similar to that of their new HIV Treatment Works.

I'm not saying HIV treatment doesn't work, but how many HIV+ people wouldn't have HIV to begin with had they gotten this message out in the 80's, 90's even today, that if you are using any substance to self medicate go for a mental health screening.  That if screening were done as many as one out of five or some twenty percent wouldn't need HIV treatment at all, just behavioral health treatments.

Could it be the $54,000 HIV medication costs and profit from pharmaceutical companies that has kept this none fact in a show box, in the back of a desk drawer.  I'm certain there's a reason.

I recently read a post on Face Book where he said, I can't wait for the end of AIDS so we don't have to do these fundraising events.  My reply, close an AIDS service organization, are you out of your mind, half the budgets of these organizations go to mental health services, who do you think the clients are some Congressmen who has top notch health care for life and six figure salaries who can afford the $54,000 medications.

No they are people in the gay community who are poor, yes poverty exists within the gay community at all ages.

I'm happy the CDC is coming around to some new programs, but you are to late.  Most states are looking to end AIDS ins 2020.  I hope they address the mental health consumers, the 20% who live or better yet might not live with HIV had they had these programs thirty years ago.

This was just published in 2014, travesty:

This one is my favorite, revised in 2012
"Drug abuse and addiction have been inextricably linked with HIV/AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic. The link has to do with heightened risk—both of contracting and transmitting HIV and of worsening its consequences."