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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Common Red Flags for Bipolar Disorder Relapse

Thanks to the many of you who know me and have been checking in, prior to my trip and after my trip a period of almost seven weeks I've been in and out of severe depression.  Signs of this are:

       1.  I stop cooking meals.
       2.  I shun, stay away from people.
       3.  I caving sweets.
       4.  I don't care about anybody else.
       5.  Short tempered, people bother me.
       6.  Biggest for me, requiring more sleep, especially naps. I see blue skies but have
            no interest.
       7.  I stay at home long periods, phone off as many as six days

If you are diagnosed Bipolar and are experience some of these, notify your therapist, seek help, also alert your friends and family, support network.   I'm on my own, as a gay man with no children, soon to be 56 years old, living with HIV, it's very hard, don't kid yourself.  Add to this regular health concerns, lack of 100% health insurance, trust me it is very hard.

I want to share my biggest aide, that being the ability to call a friend, letting him know I don't feel safe and asking if you can spend the night, I try very hard not to call 911, but if you don't have a friend or family member, call 911 or have a plan.  My plan taxi service, having credit card and also have cash to cover a cab ride.

Don't ever feel ashamed to call a friend, share with them that you are bipolar, it's important that your family or closest friends know, therapist aren't available around the clock.  

Other resource is a suicide prevention hotline:

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