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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Resistance Training for Mental Health

Some wait until after both big family and food holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Well after after the turkey course with all the trimmings out came the ham and candied yams and all the trimmings, just when I opened the button on my jeans out came the lasagna and I was like man I used to be able to woof all these dishes down with out blinking an eye.

After surviving that wonderful meal, thanks Cos you continue to host a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, one that I look forward to every year.

Well I didn't wait until New Years to start my new years resolution, I took my bike, went to the gym and started two days after.  How many of us have joined a gym as part of their new years resolution.

Joining a gym has so many benefits, lose weight, tone muscle, reduce the risk of a heart attack, but did you know that working with weights, resistance training has benefits for your mental health.

Mental Health benefits from resistance training are improved memory, may lesson depression, less chronic fatigue, improve the quality of your sleep, improve cognition, less anxiety and improved self-esteem.  If you are a mental health consumer going to the gym resistance training benefits many of the symptoms of  bipolar disorder.

"Bipolar disorder can look very different in different people. The symptoms vary widely in their pattern, severity, and frequency. Some people are more prone to either mania or depression, while others alternate equally between the two types of episodes. Some have frequent mood disruptions, while others experience only a few over a lifetime."

There are four types of mood episodes in bipolar disorder: mania, hypomania, depression and mixed episodes.  Each type of bipolar disorder mood episode has a unique set of symptoms."(source: Help Guide)

Resistance Training Improves Mental Health

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