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Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet

Have you ever gotten stuck or found yourself staring into you medicine cabinet when it's time to take your prescription medications? I have and one day  came up with separating my medications using black tape and also colored dots.
On the left are the culprits as to why I need this system, they are psychotropic medicines for the brain, they make you happy when sad, sleep when wide awake, cope with anxiety when everything you are trying so hard to hold together needs help, okay so these are the good guys if you are living with mental illness.

The dots, well count them all nine and those are just the medicines for each illness, I left out the medicines that are for the side effects of some of those medicines and also the OTC vitamins, heart regiment aspirin etc. those are on another shelf and bottles are all not white.

All not white, that's the other reason for the colored dots, between the OTC and the prescribed pills four are all white, so in addition to the black tape and the colored dots I use a pill box to help me better adhere to my daily cocktails.

Lastly in the morning when I wake up I leave the kitchen counter light on to remind myself to take my morning medications and look at the time as I need to take some again every twelve hours.

I hope my system helps you when you get to that day when you start to stare at them. Those days when you walk into the pantry and stare at those shelves and say what did I come in here for.

What are you tricks, what you do so you don't forget to take your medications or worse take them twice because you forgot if you took them in the first place.


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