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Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Reflection

As 2012 comes to a close, there's so much good I've done as I do so much as structure keeps it together for me, but one thing I have trouble with is finding a man willing to work with me when it comes to dating. First off is finding someone who you are attracted to. So many guys meet me, but when it comes to the Bipolar, most don't try, they share that they have before and don't want to again, valid and honest, so I wish them well wishes and hope I touched them somehow, in that maybe when dating again and meet another man dually diagnosed they will say okay I'll try again. Rejection is hard at any age, but you need to get up and live another day, don't isolate, I know it is hard, I live it!!! So for those who have met me and tried-thank you, let us both keep trying.  
If you know someone living with HIV or both HIV and Bipolar and single--REACH OUT TO THEM, a phone call, HUGS ARE GOOD.

Consumer Advocate for HIV
and Mental Health since 2004
2012 Voice Award Fellow.
Helpful Links:
"Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder is the first of its kind: written to the partner of a bipolar individual and designed to mend strained relationships. If your partner suffers from bipolar disorder, use this book to learn how to negotiate his or her episodic crises. Find out how to recognize a bipolar conversation."
"Now, new literature is indication the LGBT community is at an increased risk of chronic depression and anxiety due to their constant harassment and unjust treatment by not the government, religious officials, and their own friends and loved ones."
"research shows that LGBT elders face higher disability rates, struggle with economic insecurity and higher poverty rates, and many deal with mental health concerns that come from having survived a lifetime of discrimination."