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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feeling Out of Joint, ways to cope, ways to recover

Fellow Mental Health Consumers, when I first started my website I was reading and continue to read on the subject.  One published article publish my Garth House talks about the "many things mental illness steal from us."  Please read it in its entirety.

Author: Garth House

There are so many things that mental illness steal from us: our friends, families, and lovers; our skills, talents, and interests; the simple passion for living; and sometimes the spirit of life and beauty itself. Then we are left an empty shell, spiritually, and emotionally dead yet caught in the devastating irony of still being among the living, with time truly "out of joint."

Many, many of us have known this terrible reality: how it "creeps in this petty pace from day to day until the syllable of recorded time." (Shakespeare, Macbeth).  In such a world, there is no weather. Nothing ever changes, nor is there any hope of anything ever changing. At times this is how it seems when we are caught in it. It is a world of gray, bleak twilight, and the ones who love us, no matter how compassionate they are and how much they care, simply cannot grasp or begin to taste the depth of our despair. 

When I read the above I accepted this, shared it with so many friend and family and now you all, almost like a disclosure as when I'm out and about, I'm often asked if I'm okay.

Am I okay, are we okay, for me I'm classic bipolar and for me I'd have to say no major complaints physically but mentally I do my best, seek therapy, adhere to my medication, read self help, and push myself almost daily to spiritually and emotionally stay alive, try to not be out of joint but to fit in.

Can any of my readers relate to what Garth House wrote, what's your take and what do you do to get through each day, to fit in?

Here are some helpful links that may help you get through each day, stay fit and do you best to fit in.

"How to cope day-to-day, Accept your feelings."

" Staying mentally fit requires the same approach you would take to keep any muscle fit: exercise! You can exercise your brain in a multitude of ways, including reading, doing crossword puzzles or logic puzzles and studying a new language.

"Do something to brighten the day of someone who’s mentally ill."

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