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Monday, June 11, 2012

Returning to work part-time, Social Security Disability Insurance

Quick, without thinking too hard, answer this yes-or-no question: If you were faced with an unexpected $2,000 emergency expense in the next 30 days like a medical or dental bill -- could you come up with the money to cover it?
 Findings of a recent survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research, about half of you answered no.

Okay so what does this have to do with HIV or Depression / Mental Illness. this entry addresses those who are living on a fixed income, yes people with HIV are living longer, a good thing, but are you saving money? 

When I diagnosed I'm sorry but I wasn't thinking retirement, if you are HIV+, working, have good company insurance then I'm hoping that 50% of you, or greater who may not  have families have assets so you  could cover a $2,000 emergency expense. 

For those unable to work due to a disability like Bipolar or another mental illness classification, the message to you is possible and this is how:

Returning to work part-time, if you are living on Social Security Disability Insurance and are able to work part-time please know you can, just don't exceed a few hundred dollars per month, but please test the waters first by volunteering, see if you can handle, identify what works and what does not. Maybe you can only work 10 hours a week, well the extra money and the returning to work--a bigger plus as it will get you out of the doom and gloom feelings you may be experiencing.

Volunteering is a foot in the door, once you are in, able to show up 4 hours a week, let it be known that you would be interested in working part-time.  They would be inclined to hire you as you have on the job training.  Be careful who you disclose to, use your judgement, especially if you are volunteering with the hopes of picking up a part-time job.   Once hired you can let your hair down.

Work with your case worker where you receive your medical care, discuss it with your therapist, also read the latest on returning to work at

More on personal finance, SSDI, savings and inheritance on my next post.

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